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Welcome to Von Der Pool Gourmet, Inc.

We are a green catering company specializing in vegan and raw food cuisine for individual, group and corporate clients. Von Der Pool Gourrmet's mission is to raise the consciousness of humanity through food artistry and ignitable flavor profiles in vegan and raw food cuisine. Our goal is to teach consumers that what you eat impacts your mind, body, spirit, and also the planet we live on.  Von Der Pool Gourmet is on a global mission to get people to replace junk foods with completely avante garde cell regenerating meals. We pride ourselves in supporting our local farmers and providing clients with local organic seasonal fruits and vegetables.  

We also have a non profit, Von Der Pool Gourmet and Healthy Living Services, Inc.  a project close to our heart. We are dedicated to educating children and parents on the importance of agricultural awareness and healthy eating. Read on to become more familiar with the services Von Der Pool Gourmet, Inc. provides.


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